More than Hearing Loss

When I first tell people I’m deaf, the most common reaction I get is pity.  “I’m so sorry,” they tell me, as if I had just informed them of a death in my family.

What I have a hard time explaining is that becoming deaf is about more than just hearing loss.  In some ways, it’s not about loss at all.  It’s a shift in identity, a change in communication, an evolution of my relationship to sound.  Like the changes in my hearing, it hasn’t happened overnight.  It’s been a gradual readjusting and reshaping the way I see the world.

I wish I had started writing years ago, when I  realized I had hearing loss and got my first set of hearing aids.  I didn’t realize that I was taking just one step of many.  I didn’t know how different things would be for me, now, or that I’d look back and try to remember what sounds were like, then.

And so this blog begins, to document for myself the changes, to work through the feelings that come with it, and to share the things I learn along the way.

Thank you for joining me!

3 thoughts on “More than Hearing Loss

  1. DaRevStew

    I’m glad you’ve started writing too. Sharing your perspective and experience with those of us learning to become interpreters but not coming from the Deaf community (such as CODA interpreters) is invaluable and much appreciated!

  2. Finn Graves

    I’m glad you’re starting to write now… There’s an advertisement of a man playing a guitar at the end of your blog.. and I almost just clicked on it… b/c i was like… why is indi posting a man…. tricky things

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